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In Response To Operation Name Type of Disaster Location Active Date
Hurricane MatthewOperation: Seymour ActionHurricaneWayne County, North Carolina, USA 10-26-2016 to 11-21-2016
Hurricane MatthewOperation: TrogonHurricaneLes Cayes, Haiti 10-11-2016 to 11-07-2016
Severe FloodingOperation: Geaux BigFloodAscension Parish, Louisiana, USA 08-19-2016 to 09-17-2016
Severe FloodingOperation: Country RoadsFloodNicholas County, West Virginia, USA 06-28-2016 to 07-23-2016
Fort McMurray WildfireOperation: Pay DirtWildfireFort McMurray, AB, Canada 06-14-2016 to 06-28-2016
Refugee CrisisOperation: HermesHumanitarianGreece 05-22-2016 - Current
Service ProjectOperation: NirmanHumanitarianGhorka, Nepal 03-20-2016 to 04-03-2016